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"I am right here with you"

I heard you speak those words to me this morning, Jesus. I'd just had a little cry after hearing a song called "It Is Well". I feel frozen inside right now - I don't know what to write. Yet, I want to be faithful to you telling me to write. So here I am.

"I am right here with you." You are Love itself. Love Himself. So, here you are in our midst. Always for us, never against us.

I felt instant peace and stillness when you spoke those words to me. The overwhelming bombardment of work, sickness, death, destruction and anger melted away for a few minutes and I recognized your presence here with me. Thank you.

Today, that is all I have to share in writing. I'm glad we belong to each other, Lord. You are my lifeline to hope and sanity in all of these hellishly difficult days.

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